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Repräsentant des Förderkreises im Vorstand
DI. Klaus Bernhardt


DI. Klaus Bernhardt                                  
Wilhelminenstraße 95C/4      
A-1160 Wien     

mobile: +43/660/6857072        
e-mail:  kbern.hardt@gmx.at

Personal Data
Birth: 23. Juni 1956 in Vienna
Family Status: Divorced, 1 daughter



Since 2/2015 Pontemed GmbH (development/operation of Healthcare Centers)
General Manager

Since 7/2014 Self employed: Healthcare Consulting

Since 7/2003 Pfizer Corp. Austria, takeover of Pharmacia
Last position: Director BU Specialty Care, member of local/EU leadership team
  7/2003 Marketing Manager Special Products
Full Marketing Responsibility of broad portfolio of established brands
  5/2004 to 11/08 Increasing responsibilities for major brands across a wide variety of therapeutic areas covering Antiinfectives, Respiratory, Spec. Products, Hospital Products, Oncology, Urology leading a small team of Product Managers
  11/2008 Reorganisation, appointment to Head BU Specialty Care, leading Business Unit with 30 colleagues, sales and marketing, full P&L responsibility with revenues exceeding 50 mio.
  10/2009 Merger with Wyeth, integration of specialty business, dominating BU within Pfizer Austria with 50 colleagues including 4 sales lines and revenue in the range of 100 mio.
  1/2014 Global reorganisation and elimination of Specialty Care BU head position
  6/2014 Consensual termination

1996 – 7/2003 Pharmacia&Upjohn, merger of Pharmacia and Upjohn
  1996 Sen. PM Urology/Infectiology, since 1998 Substitution head of department
Full marketing and result responsibility for these therapeutic areas, successful launch of new products
  2001 Special Project Manager (Team Lead covering Marketing Urology/Infectiology, market research, strategic and longterm planning for the Austrian subsidiary
  2000 Joining of Board of local Incontinence Society (MKÖ) as Industry representant
  2000/2002 Austria nominee for global Award

7/1991 - 1996 Upjohn Austria (Willmar WerbegesmbH)
  7/1991 Sr. Product Manager also responsible for Marketing Projects in Switzerland
  1995 Business Unit Manager, head retail marketing and sales (team of 20, 1 sales line) in addition marketing responsibilities in hospital area and Switzerland until merger with Pharmacia

5/1984 - 6/91 Beecham Pharma
  5/1984 Medical Advisor Antiinfectives
  1985 Product-Manager: Marketing of Non-Antibiotics
  1987 Group PM leading speciality sales force, Marketing&Sales Management
  1989 Smithkline Beecham, merger Beecham Pharma/SKF, Group PM, Project Leader
integration & corporate identity


1976 to 1983 University: Biotechnology at the “Univ. für Bodenkultur” Vienna
16. 6. 1983   Graduation
1985 to 1987 PG course: Post graduate course for Marketing&Sales at the Wirtschafts-Universität Vienna
TRAININGS Marketing and Sales seminars and leadership trainings
PROFICIENCY Languages: German (mother language), English (fluent), French (fair)
EDP: MS Office
  Family, Sports (Mountainbiking, hiking, strength training), DIY, Reading, Traveling/Wellness


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